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Cat Names


Does your cat growl and vocalize? Does is like to chew? Does it enjoy classic science fiction movies? Maybe your cat is your never failing sidekick? OR is simply hairy? Answer yes to any of these and perhaps Chewbacca is the name for your cat.


This probably one of the best names ever conceived for a Siamese cat. This name is great for owners with a slightly off kilter sense of humor.


If your cat is a wiggle worm; incapable of sitting still; a downright flibbertigibbet? There’s no other name for him. Fidget is the moniker you’ve been searching for.


Whether you cat is large and in charge or likely to go storming through a Japanese metropolis at any given moment Godzilla is viable option for the water-like lizard tyrant cat in your life.


Is your female cat a lady of the night? Is she of the adulterous nature? Or is she simply misunderstood? Do you enjoy old-fashioned things? If so Hester is the name for your cat.


Lavender oil has been found to have a calming property. Perhaps naming a cat Lavender will also have a calming effect? This name is great for grey kitties.


Maybe you like the distinguished yet silly quality of this name. Maybe you’re a fan of the Martian. Maybe you like the way it rolls off the tongue. There are lots of good reasons to like the name Marvin.


Why not name your cat after the traditional Japanese art of paper folding? Cats are known for their flexibility so this unusual and fun name may be purrfect for your little contortionist. Added bonus if used for a Scottish Fold kitty.


For the swashbuckling kitties out there, for the cats with eye patch markings, for the cats that love the allure of the sea and for the cats that have only one eye. Pirating is the only life for me.


When your cat is short and sweet and a lovely cream colored Shortcake is a fitting name.


A strong contender for anyone’s cat for the simple fact that almost all cats love seafood. This name is extra suitable for cats of Japense origin like the Japanese Bobtail.


This name is especially suitable for the light brown kitty cats. Or the crunchy kitty cats.


Don’t want the usual, garden variety name but stumped for something that suits your feline friend? Widjet is a good utilitarian name that’s not too pedestrian. Go with Widjet if your cat likes to Fidget. Or just name your cat Fidget, that’s also a good option. Don’t forget to consider Midget for your smaller kitties.

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