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Peek-a-Prize Toy Box for Cats

Peek-a-Prize Toy Box for Cats

The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box gives cats a chance to spend hours ‘on the hunt’ indoors. When you’re gone, your lovable kitten gives its undivided attention to the box. Balls, small stuffed animals, cat nip and other toys can be placed inside it. L. Campbell says in an Amazon review, “I bought this for my cat, who likes it, but the biggest fan in the house is my 1 year old lab. He LOVES this thing! Will play and play with it. If he gets a ball out of it, he brings it to me and wants me to put it back in for him. The cat and dog play together with it too. Highly recommended for a curious playful dog and for the cat too smile Sounds like a two-for-one special! If you’re interested in this product, take a look for yourself:

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