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Take one Balinese, dip in the colors of the rainbow and you have a Javanese. The Javanese is everything that is Balinese, and then someā€¦the intelligence, grace and refinement of the Siamese, the luxurious silk of the Balinese coat, combined with the designer colors of the Colorpoint Shorthair. Named for the next island over from Bali, Javanese have been around for about as long as the Balinese. Some appeared in litters of Colorpoint Shorthairs, most likely a result of the longhair gene being introduced via the domestic shorthair when the red, lynx and tortie point colors and patterns were first introduced to the Siamese breed. Most are the result of Balinese breeders using the Colorpoint Shorthair to introduce these colors and patterns into the Balinese breed.


Javanese are noted as an intelligent cats and tend to vocalize, though often for no apparent reason. They are notably fond of play, jumping and human contact and allegedly depressed if regularly not entertained by humans or other pets. Apparently, they are good mouse hunters.


Deafness, joint issues, early-onset arthritis, hip displacement and cross-eye are some defects.

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