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Korats are very special cats that are considered as a symbol of good fortune. Many traditions surround them: they are the color of silver, signifying wealth; they are the color of rain clouds with eyes the color of young plants representing good harvests; and with their heart-shaped faces, a pair of cats given to a bride ensures a strong and fortunate marriage. Their eyes are large, expressive and oversized for the face with an intense gaze-they are the color of peridots or lily ponds and sparkle like the dewdrops on a lotus leaf. They have compact, powerful bodies that are coiled like a spring and covered with a short, tight gun-metal blue coat with a silvery sheen.


Energetic, intelligent, affectionate are all words used to describe the Korat-elitist is another word that could be used since they prefer the company of other Korats. They will accept other cats but expect to be the rulers and will ensure they have pride of place by their owner's side. They have extraordinary senses of hearing, sight and scent but are gentle cats moving softly and disliking loud or harsh noises. They form strong bonds with their owners and love to cuddle, settling in as close as possible. Korats are active cats that love to play but they are very gentle when they are playing with children


Korats are medium to small short-haired cats-females weigh 6-8 pounds and males weigh from 8-10 pounds. They are compact, powerful cats that feel like a coiled spring and are heavier and more solid than they first appear. They have broad chests and well developed muscles. They have a single, short, close-lying coat covering their powerful bodies and allowing the rippling musculature to show.

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