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The LaPerm is distinctive cat that charms everyone it meets with its soft coat of shaggy curls and ringlets sometimes called a gypsy shag. These are intelligent, active cats who carefully think through just how to get that toy placed just out of reach. The name reflects their Native American connection with the Chinook tribe who traditionally used the French definite article when creating new words. Breed founder Linda Koehl thought the cats' coat looked like a loose perm and thus named the new breed LaPerm. It is a lean muscular cat with no exaggerated features as is befitting its farm background as a working cat. In addition to the distinctive curly coat with its mohair texture, the LaPerm has enchanting large, expressive almond shaped eyes.


Considerable love and affection will be showered upon their owners by the gentle yet very active Traditional LaPerm. Different from extremely active breeds, the Traditional LaPerm is equally content being a lap sitter, purring as soon as they are aware of the owner’s presence. Seeking human contact, inquisitive by nature, they always want to know what is going on around them. For receptive owners they will reach for your face with their paws, then rub their face against your face and neck. They can be taught to fetch too.


Coming from strong, free roaming, not inbreed barn cats, they are a healthy breed. The LaPerm has a medium to long, or semi-foreign, body with medium boning and long legs. It is an active well-muscled cat that weighs in at 8 to 10 pounds for males and 6 to 8 pounds for females. They are a cat without extremes and their modified wedge-shaped head has gently rounded contours. Their eyes and ears stand out. The large cupped ears have curly furnishings and ringlets around the base while their large, almond-shaped eyes look at you adoringly with an innocent look no matter what mischief they might have been up to.

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