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Kender Siberian Cats

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Member Since 07/07/2017
Alice Wright
Not listed, az
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We are simply the best Siberian cattery in North America. I have learned a lot about this wonderful & unique breed after spending countless hours with them. They have helped me raise my sons and all my dogs. Together we have earned a lot of titles. My cats were featured in the “Siberian" issue of the Cat Fancy Magazine many times and several books. We regularly participate in cat shows as well as school exhibits/4-H and other exhibits as requested. All of the above has been geared towards one goal – to raise the happiest, most affectionate, most playful and healthiest kittens!


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    Elvis tried his paw at being a show kitty - but together we decided he wants to be a couch potato and bed hog rather than a show kitty. 

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