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Mayonaka Cattery

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Member Since 07/05/2017
Allene Keating
Kansas City, ks
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European Burmese
The Cattery owners are Ed and Allene Keating.  Ed is a retired Professional Electrical Engineer and Allene is a retired Psychotherapist. They lived in Europe for a number of years and became breeders under the mentors  Joke and Gere Verslius of the Netherlands. When Allene returned to the United States, Gere and Joke told Allene the European Burmese breeders were trying to make the European Burmese a separate breed from the Burmese breed in the US.  They encouraged Allene to help get the breed accepted.  So, Allene helped get the European Burmese accepted in CFA.  Later, when ACFA accepted the breed as a separate breed, Allene then introduced the breed to ACFA.  TICA tried several times to get them as a separate breed, but has been unsuccessful due to some of the breeders mixing the two breeds together and voting it down. The cattery is licensed by the State of Kansas and all Cats and Kittens are Registered with CFA and ACFA.


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