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Member Since 06/26/2017
Natalia McCann
Orlando, fl
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My name is Natalia and I am the owner is Paradise Fold Cattery. We breed Scottish straights and Scottish Fold, Highland Straight and Highland Fold cats, British and Russian Blue cats. Our cattery has the most beautiful color points, blue, lilac, Silver Shaded and others.  The most important thing is that we breed healthy cats and kittens with the best natural food, care, and attention. Scottish fold cats are very sweet, good with children and with dogs. They always enjoy playing and being around people. They are well socialized and friendly.We have kittens available throughout the year. All kittens leave the cattery at 10-12 weeks old, fully vaccinated. If you are looking for a kitten to be a part of your family, to love and enjoy please contact us. 


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