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Prekrasne Siberians

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Member Since 06/26/2017
Sue Case
Phoenix, az
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Prekrasne Siberians was founded in 2006 with our first litter born a year later.  have been breeding and showing Siberian Cats ever since. I am proud to raise loving, healthy, quality Siberian Cats here in Arizona.  My Siberians are selected to be exceptional representatives of the Siberian breed - genetically diverse, strong conformation to the breed standard, and with sound temperaments. Prekrasne is a small, boutique breeder of quality Siberians.  I do not focus on breeding large numbers of kittens, but rather a handful of litters of exceptional kittens.  Prekrasne is proudly registered with both CFA and TICA and we show and breed award winning show cats and loving pets.


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