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Pumaridge Siberians

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Member Since 09/30/2018
Tina Slayton
Kingman, az
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We are a small hobby breeder in Northern Arizona. We breed for Health, Temperament and Socialization from Low Allergy Purebred lines. We are members of both TICA and CFA Cat Associations. I have researched for years picking our adults pedigree's to ensure their quality, genetic health and diversity. We also screen our adult cats for FeLV/FIV, HCM, and PKD. Written sales contract including written health guarantee. Our kittens go home with up to date shots, de-worming and are Vet checked prior to going to their new homes. We only use non-adjuvant vaccines so to eliminate the risk of adjuvant-induced fibro sarcomas. Our Siberian Cats and kittens are loved and happily raised as part of our family. Never caged. Our kitten's are Dog-friendly and are socialized with our Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We love sharing our knowledge about Siberians. Their personalities are very dog-like. They are extremely devoted, highly intelligent, curious by nature, and forever playful. Many colors available in Traditional and Colorpoint. We have kittens available throughout the year.


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